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The Porsche 918 Spyder is a mid-engined plug-in hybrid sports car.It made by Porsche. The Spyder is powered by a naturally-aspirated 4.6 litre V8 engine, developing 608 horsepower (453 kW).With two electric motors delivering an additional 279 horsepower (208 kW) it has a combined output of 887 horsepower (661 kW) The Porsche 918 was presented to Ferdinand Alexander Porsche for his 60th birthday by Porsche employees in the early Seventies. The car, based upon the Porsche 914, was fitted with Porsche's only eight-cylinder racing engine, courtesy of the Porsche 908, with four twin-choke carburettors, modified air filters and a road exhaust system.Despite the 908 producing around 360bhp in racing tune, the. Porsche 918. Discos ventilados cerámicos perforados de 410 mm (16,1 plg) (del.) y 390 mm (15,4 plg) (tras.) 325/30 ZR 21 (tras.) El Porsche 918 Spyder, conocido internamente como Proyecto XG10, es un automóvil superdeportivo con motor central-trasero híbrido enchufable, producido por Porsche. Es un automóvil biplaza diseñado por Michael Mauer

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In 2010 Porsche launched the Cayenne S Hybrid and announced the Panamera S Hybrid, and launched the Porsche 918 sports car in 2014, which also features a hybrid system. Also a plug-in hybrid model called the Panamera S E-Hybrid was released in October 2013 in the United States [74] [75] and during the fourth quarter of 2013 in several European. Der 918 Spyder wird von einem V8-Motor mit 4,6 Liter Hubraum mit 447 kW (608 PS) angetrieben, der auf dem 3,4-Liter-Motor des Porsche RS Spyder basiert, sowie von einem Elektromotor an der Vorderachse 95 kW (129 PS) und einem an der Hinterachse 115 kW (156 PS).Die Gesamtleistung der Motoren beträgt 652 kW (887 PS). Der 918 Spyder hat einen elektrischen Allradantrieb mit Torque Vectoring

Prototyper Porsche 918 Spyder. Den första prototypen visades på Internationella bilsalongen i Genève 2010. [1] Bensinmotorn är en utveckling av den V8-motor som användes i sportvagnsprototypen RS Spyder och som levererar 608 hk.Den är kopplad till Porsches sjuväxlade dubbelkopplingslåda PDK. Hybridsystemet består av elmotorer på fram- och bakaxel på sammanlagt 279 hk The Porsche 911 (pronounced Nine Eleven or in German: Neunelfer) is a two-door 2+2 high performance rear-engined sports car introduced in September 1964 by Porsche AG of Stuttgart, Germany.It has a rear-mounted flat-six engine and a torsion bar suspension. The car has been continuously enhanced through the years but the basic concept has remained unchanged Overview Boxster. The Porsche Boxster is a mid-engine two-seater roadster. It was Porsche's first road vehicle to be originally designed as a roadster since the 914.The first-generation Boxster (the 986) was introduced in late 1996; it was powered by a 2.5-litre flat six-cylinder engine. The design was heavily influenced by the 1993 Boxster Concept The Porsche 928 is a luxury grand tourer produced by Porsche AG of Germany from 1978 to 1995. Originally intended to replace the company's iconic 911, the 928 combined the power, poise, and handling of a sports car with the refinement, comfort, and equipment of a luxury sedan.Porsche executives believed such a flagship would have wider appeal than the compact 911 O Porsche 918 Spyder é um carro superesportivo com motor central desenvolvido pela Porsche. É alimentado por um motor V8 de 4.6 litros normalmente aspirado, desenvolvendo 453 kW (600 cavalos-vapor), com dois motores elétricos que fornecem 208 kW (300 cavalos-vapor) adicionais para uma saída combinada de 661 kW (900 cavalos-vapor). O conjunto de baterias de íon-lítio de 6,8 kWh do 918.

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Media in category Porsche 918 This category contains only the following file Media in category Porsche 918 Spyder. The following 151 files are in this category, out of 151 total. 2014 Porsche 918 Spyder - Weissach Package.jpg 4,194 × 2,359; 4.46 MB. 2015 Gumball 3000 - Porsche 918 Spyder.jpg 5,852 × 3,907; 4 MB. 2015 Gumball 3000 02.jpg 5,288 × 3,310; 477 KB Χρονολόγιο. Προηγούμενο μοντέλο. Porsche Carrera GT. Η Porsche 918 Spyder ήταν ένα plug-in υβριδικό σπορ υπεραυτοκίνητο (supercar) υψηλών επιδόσεων, 2-θέσιο και με τον κινητήρα στο κέντρο, που παρήχθη από τη. La Porsche 918 Spyder [2] est une supercar hybride rechargeable du constructeur allemand de voitures de sport Porsche produite de 2013 à 2015. Remplaçante de la Carrera GT, la 918 est mue par un moteur thermique traditionnel V8 secondé par deux moteurs électriques [3].. Elle est présentée officiellement pour la première fois lors de la 80 e édition du salon de Genève, qui s'est tenue. Porsche 918 Spyder je plug-in hybridní sportovní auto s středovým uložením motoru vyráběné německou automobilkou Porsche. Spyder je poháněn 4.6 litrovým motorem V8 s atmosférickým sáním poskytující výkon 616 metric horsepower (608 bhp; 453 kW) a také dvěma elektromotory dodávajících dalších 283 metric horsepower (279 bhp; 208 kW) koňských sil s kombinovaným.

Porsche 918 features and specs at Car and Driver. Learn more about Price, Engine Type, MPG, and complete safety and warranty information Porsche 918 RSR Concept. At the 2011 Auto show in Detroit, Porsche unveiled the RSR racing variant of the 918 Spyder. Instead of using plug-in hybrid technology, power for the two electric motors is provided by a flywheel accumulator KERS system that sits beside the driver in the passenger compartment. The V8 is a further development of the. Porsche 918 Spyder er en midt-motor plug-in hybrid superbil designet og bygget af Porsche.Spyder'en er drevet af en 4.6 liter V8-motor, som laver 608 hestekræfter (453 kW), og indeholder også to elektriske motorer som giver 279 hestekræfter (208 kW) oveni den i forvejen meget kraftfulde Porschemotor, så den kommer op på i alt 887 hestekræfter (661 kW). 918 Spyder's 6.8 kWh(kilowatt time. Porsche 918 — спортивний автомобіль німецького автовиробника Porsche з гібридним приводом. За класифікацією фірми-виробника суперкар (нім. Supersportwagen).Випускається в двох кузовних модифікаціях: Porsche 918 Spyder (родстер) і Porsche 918 RSR. The Porsche 918 Spyder is a limited production, mid-engined plug-in hybrid hypercar by Porsche. 1 Overview 2 Asphalt Street Storm Racing 2.1 Summary 2.2 Blueprint 2.3 Sale values 2.4 Performane 3 See also The Porsche 918 Spyder was designed by Michael Mauer. The 918 Spyder is powered with a 4.6L..

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The Porsche 918 Spyder with Weissach Package is the highest-performing Porsche vehicle in the game. The 918 Spyder excels in top speed, being the 12th-fastest vehicle in the entire game with a total speed of 312.7 mph (503.6 km/h). The 918 Spyder otherwise has fairly balanced stats, but it is still inferior to the Apollo Intensa Emozione, 2018. Upgrade level Rank Acceleration Top speed Handling Nitro Total speed Stock: 10.0 km/h 6.2 mph A1579 A1769 1.38 s 421.9 km/h 262.0 mph 1.291 G The Porsche 918 Spyder is a Hypercar made by Porsche. First showed off in 2010 at the Geneva Auto Show as a concept car, the 918 featured a V8-Engine Paired with an Electric motor, making it a Hybrid Hypercar. The 918 later entered production in 2013, around the same time as two other Hybrid Hypercars; The McLaren P1 and Ferrari LaFerrari 75910 Porsche 918 Spyder is a Speed Champions set released in 2015. 1 Description 2 LEGO.com Description 3 Minifigures included 4 Gallery 5 External links The Porsche 918 Spyder included in this set is silver/grey in colour. The 918 Spyder is a convertible, thus having no roof. The windscreen is a completely new piece and is also slightly tinted. The front is very curved and features stickers.

Porsche 918. De Porsche 918 Spyder is een plug-inhybride sportwagen ontworpen door Porsche. De Spyder wordt aangedreven door een atmosferische 4.6 liter V8-motor met een vermogen van 608 pk (453 kW) gecombineerd met twee elektromotoren die 279 pk (208 kW) leveren, wat op een gecombineerd vermogen van 887 pk (661 kW) komt Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. La Porsche 918 Spyder è un' automobile a motore centrale progettata e costruita da Porsche, presentata al pubblico come concept car in occasione del salone dell'automobile di Ginevra nel marzo 2010 e, in veste definitiva, nel 2013 ad Atlanta. È il primo veicolo ibrido progettato dalla casa automobilistica. The Porsche 918 Spyder is a hybrid hypercar driven by Hammond in The Holy Trinity against the McLaren P1 and the Ferrari LaFerrari.It was later featured in a drag race against a Bugatti Veyron and a 1500bhp Nissan Patrol. It has a 4.8-litre V8 engine with two electric motors, 887bhpr, 0-62 in 2.6 seconds, and a top speed of 215 mph The 2013 Porsche 918 Spyder is the production version of Porsche's 918 Spyder Concept from 2010. Its 4.6L V8 produces 608 bhp which is aided by two electric motors; one in the front producing 129 bhp and one in the rear producing 149 bhp. The car can be powered by both the electric motors and the V8, V8 only, or exclusively by electric motors. In electric-only mode, it is capable of.

Porsche 918 Spyder For Sale. With prices originally starting in the US at $845,000 in 2013, the last Porsche 918 for sale had been sold by December 2014. Now the only way to procure a used Porsche 918 Spyder is from private owners or firms when the automobiles do periodically come up for sale 6 minutes 57 seconds. Curious to see the record-breaking Nürburgring Lap with the 918 Spyder? Sit back and enjoy the onboard-footage in this video. Porsche 9.. Took a trip down down to Bakersfield for Omega Motorsport's No Fly Zone event and got to watch two of my favorite cars go head to head, the McLaren P1 and th..

Porsche 2013 жылғы 4 қыркүйекте, қосымша Weissach пакетімен жабдықталған 918 нұсқасын ұсынды, Нюрбургринг шеңбері бойында 6:57 бөлімінде 20,6 км (12,8 км) рекорд орнатты, бұл алдыңғы рекордты 14 секундке. The Porsche 918 Spyder was the first Hybrid Hypercar made by Porsche. Production started in September 2013 with a base price of $845,000. The Porsche 918 started production in September 2013 and ended in December 2015. 918 units were produced, with 294 being delivered to the United States of America and 35 dilivered in Canada. The 918 had a base price of $845,000 USD. If equipped with the. The PORSCHE 918 SPYDER CONCEPT was announced at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show and was originally built as a concept showcasing Porsche's technological abilities. Due to high demand for the car, the car was finally put into production in 2013. The 918 is the successor to the PORSCHE CARRERA GT. It rivals theLAFERRARI, McLAREN P1™ and LAMBORGHINI ASTERION LPI 910-4. It is powered by a 4.6L. The Porsche 918 Spyder is a mid-engined plug-in hybrid sports car by Porsche. [3] The Spyder is powered by a naturally aspirated 4.6-litre V8 engine, developing 616 PS (608 bhp; 453 kW), with two electric motors delivering an additional 283 PS (279 bhp; 208 kW) for a combined output of 899 PS (887 bhp; 661 kW) The Porsche 918 Spyder has come out in the following versions

  1. O Porsche 918 Spyder é un modelo de automóbil superdeportivo producido polo fabricante alemán Porsche dende 2013 até 2015.Posúe un motor híbrido central, composto por un motor V8 de 4'6 litros que achega 608 CV, e dous motores eléctricos conectados ós eixos dianteiro e traseiro, achegando 280 CV máis para un total de 886 CV. Trátase dun deportivo de dúas prazas con chasis de fibra.
  2. sport auto's Christian Gebhardt in the Porsche 918 Spyder: Acceleration 0 to 333 km/h. http://www.sportauto.d
  3. The PORSCHE 918 SPYDER WEISSACH PACKAGE is a hybrid sports car designed by PORSCHE. The WEISSACH PACKAGE is an optional, high-performance upgrade over the standard 918 SPYDER model. The package features the use of more carbon fibre components, magnesium wheels and aerodynamic improvements. Platinum Collection Build Your Own Bundle
  4. The Porsche 918 Spyder is a German sports car in Car Crushers 2. The car has a somewhat good attack, it can punch well above other cars, even on smaller maps, but a metal plow is recommended. Car Crushers 2 Wik
  5. The Porsche 918 Spyder with Weissach Package is a specification of Porsche's 918 Spyder fitted with the optional Weissach Package.. The 4.6L V8 and dual electric motors from the base specification remain, with the combustion engine producing 608 bhp, the front electric engine producing 129 bhp and the rear electric engine producing 149 bhp
  6. The Porsche 918 RSR is a racing variation of the 918 Spyder concept car. It was first shown to the world at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan during January 2011. This 918 RSR race car features a Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) that provides power for the two electrical motors. The colour scheme of the 918 RSR is inspired by the Porsche 917. 1 Games 1.1 Need.
  7. The Porsche 918 Spyder Concept is a high performance vehicle, competing with the Nissan GT-R and the Porsche 911 Turbo S in acceleration and the Toyota Prius in fuel efficiency. Unlike most high performance vehicles, the Porsche 918 Spyder is a hybrid. Criticisms [] Please make sure to keep critiques in a third-person point of view

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  1. 910 911 912 914 917 924 934 935 936 944 956 959 961 962 997 Boxster Cayman Porsche-March 89P WSC-95/LMP1-98 LMP2000 Carrera GT 918 Spyder 997-es Porsche 911-es.
  2. The Porsche 918 Spyder with Weissach Package is the ninth Enduro Double Down-unlockable car and was released as part of the Porsche Update in Asphalt 8: Airborne.Players are given 7 days to start the event and 9 days to complete it. It was launched on July 20, 2017 following the Porsche 718 Boxster S's Championship event as the fifth and final event of the Porsche Motor Series
  3. Porsche 918, հիբրիդային սուպերմեքենա, որն արտադրվում է գերմանական Porsche-ի կողմից։ Արտադրվում է 2 մոդելի ձևով՝ 918 Spyder(ստանդարտ) և 918 Spyder Weissach Package(թեթևացված)։ Մեքենան պատրաստված է Porsche RS Spyder մրցարշավային մեքենայի հիման վրա և.

The Porsche 918 Spyder is a limited-production mid-engine plug-in hybrid sports car manufactured by German automobile manufacturer Porsche. The 918 Spyder is powered by a naturally aspirated 4.6 L (4,593 cc) V8 engine, developing 447 kW (608 PS; 599 hp) at 8,700 rpm, with two electric motors delivering an additional 210 kW (286 PS; 282 hp) for a combined output of 887 PS (652 kW; 875 hp) and. Porsche 918 Vehicle Disambiguation - There are multiple models of the Porsche 918. Below is a list of separate articles for each of the models featured in the Need for Speed series

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포르쉐 918(Porsche 918)은 2013년 9월에 출시되어 카레라 GT의 빈 자리를 채운 차종이다. 4,593cc의 가솔린 엔진(608마력)과 2개의 전기 모터(279마력)가 결합하여 총 887마력의 성능을 내고, 최고 속도는 350km/h이다. 제로백(0-100km/h)는 2.8초이고, 퍼포먼스 패키지를 선택할 경우 2.6초까지 단축시킬 수 있다 Porsche 918 Spyder (disambiguation) Edit this page. History. Talk (0) This is a disambiguation page — a list of articles associated with the same title. Porsche 918 Spyder may refer to: Porsche 918 Spyder (2013), a casting introduced in the mainline in 2013. Porsche 918 Spyder (2018), a casting introduced in the mainline in 2018. Categories Porsche 918 Spyder Prototype (black)‎ (1カテゴリ、11ファイル) カテゴリ「Porsche 918 Spyder」にあるメディア このカテゴリに属する 124 個のファイルのうち、 124 個を表示しています

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Porsche 917 LH: Blue Green 'tribal' striping on top and sides. Black '3' in white circle on sides & hood. Blue / Plastic Clear Black Black 5SP: GHD21 Malaysia Base code(s): M33 5 Porsche 918 Spyder: Aqua Blue Detailed headlights, Porsche emblem and White stripes on hood Black / Plastic Tinted (Black) Black White LW: GHD22 Malaysia Base Code(s. 1 Asphalt 9: Legends 1.1 Front Hood 1.2 Trunk Lid 1.3 Rear Wing 1.4 Roof Scoop 1.5 Front Bumper 1.6 Side Skirts 1.7 Rear Bumper 1.8 Tires 1.9 Rim Porsche 911 je nejznámější sportovní automobil značky Porsche a je považován za její ztělesnění. Aktuální modelovou řadou od roku 2019 je osmá generace, označená 992.. Porsche 911 má kruhové přední světlomety a šikmě skloněnou zadní část. Pohonnou jednotkou je výlučně šestiválcový plochý motor s protilehlými písty, tzv 918 Spyder 2dr Roadster w/Weissach Pkg. $929000. Hybrid. 887. 20 / 24. 7-Speed Shiftable Automatic. AWD4WD. Autotrader has 6 Used Porsche 918 Spyder cars for sale The 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder is a German mid-engined hypercar equipped with a 4.6L V8 engine. The Porsche 918 Spyder made its first appearance in The Crew 2. It is listed as a hypercar and can be purchased with either 1,008,000 or 144,000

The Porsche 918 in MM2. The Porsche 918 Spyder is an add-on car available for download on Midtown Madness 2 eXtreme.It has been downloaded over 1,000 times, and was uploaded by Midtown Madness 2 Riva on June 15th, 2011.. The car features a very detailed model converted from the one used on Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, with a very good dashboard, realistic tuning, new sounds, one colour, and. The PORSCHE 918 RSR CONCEPT is a race-tuned variant of the PORSCHE 918.It was announced at the 2011 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. In addition to a direct injection 3.4L V8 engine, the 918 RSR CONCEPT is equipped with a flywheel-based Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) which provides the power for its two 75 kW electric motors, one positioned in the front and one in the.

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MiniChamps Scale 1:18 Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach Package Limited Edition 1 of 300 pieces! This model features opening doors and front trunk, steerable and rotating wheels, and the removable roof. Red cloth seatbelts with photo-edged buckles have been installed. However, the one on the passenger side is left with glue marks (see picture 7). The rest of the model is in good condition. Roof. Porsche AG berkantor pusat di Stuttgart, dan merupakan anak usaha dari Volkswagen AG, yang juga merupakan anak usaha dari Porsche Automobil Holding SE. Mobil hasil produksi Porsche antara lain Porsche 911, Porsche Boxster, Porsche Cayman, Porsche Panamera, Porsche Cayenne, Porsche Macan, dan Porsche 918 Feb 19, 2021. Porsche. By this point, you've probably heard that the new 2022 Porsche 911 GT3 just set a blistering Nürburgring lap time: 6:55.2, faster than the Porsche 918 Spyder's time around. Porsche AG, better known as Porsche, is a German multinational car manufacturer based in Stuttgart, Germany. 1 Description 1.1 History 2 Current Operations 3 Vehicles Porsche is a car manufacturer specializing in high-performance sports cars, sedans, and SUVs. In addition, they have also produced several limited-production supercars like the Porsche Carrera GT and 918 Spyder. They are a.

2015 Porsche 918 Spyder. Built for the 2015 model year, this 918 Spyder boasts a fascinating and tasteful specification. Today it remains with its first and only owner. Finished in the highly desirable and truly stunning Liquid Metal Chrome Blue paintwork, a $65,000 option itself, the interior is trimmed in Black leather with Acid Green. The Porsche 918 Spyder, is one of the fastest cars in the game, behind the Lamborghini Aventador. It is also the third most expensive car in the game; behind the Lamborghini Aventador at $100,000 and Bugatti Veyron at $500,000. This car is a convertible; meaning that passengers can shoot their weapons inside the car. The player has its own driving animations inside the vehicle, as it is a. Porsche 918 RSR Concept (Exclusive Series) is a career series located in the Exclusive Series category and was added in Formula E Update (v5.0.0) . In the series, players will be able to participate in 48 events, separated by 18 tiers. Throughout the series, players can earn R$50,000 and 50 in bonuses upon reaching 100% completion in the series Porsche. German automobile manufacturer specializing in high-performance sports cars, SUVs and sedans, owned by Volkswagen AG. Dr.-Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, usually shortened to Porsche AG ( German pronunciation: [ˈpɔɐ̯ʃə] ( listen) ), is a German sports car manufacturer based in Zuffenhausen. Porsche was created in 1931 as a design.

The Porsche 991 is the internal designation for the seventh generation of the Porsche 911 sports car, which was unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show on 15 September as the replacement for the 997.The 991 was an entirely new platform, only the third since the original 911 launched in 1963 (the 996 of 1999 was the second new platform). Production of the 991 generation ended on December 20. Porsche Taycan. Der Porsche Taycan ist ein batterieelektrischer Sportwagen des Automobilherstellers Porsche. Er wurde am 4. September 2019 der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt und zunächst in den Versionen Turbo und Turbo S angeboten. Das viertürige Coupé ist im Porsche-Portfolio eine halbe Klasse unter dem Porsche Panamera angesiedelt The Porsche 918 Spyder is a vehicle in Car Dealership Tycoon. It's a class 3 car that has a top speed of 209 MPH and costs $1,500,000. It's in game name is Perusche 918. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted The Porsche 918 Spyder was the perfect car for the moment and its influence will be felt in decades to come, especially when Porsche decides to come up with a successor. Compared to the Carrera GT.

1 Obtaining Porsche 918 Spyder 2 Upgrades 2.1 Level 1 (Stock) 2.2 Level 2 2.3 Level 3 2.4 Level 4 2.5 Level 5 ThePorsche 918 Spydercan be purchased from Hypercar Dealership. Purchase Cost: $1,325,000 Top Speed: 260 Acceleration: 7.0 Cash Given: $879 Upgrade Cost: $534,000 Top Speed: 214.. Hello, and welcome to the Porsche Wiki. We cover all of Porsche's cars and racing models. Please help us expand and add more information to the Wiki. Thank you. The legendary Porsche 911 first appeared in 1964 O,A and B series 1964-69 The first editions of the Porsche 911 had 2.0 litre flat 6 engines producing 130bhp. In 1966 Porsche introduced the 911S with 180bhp and Fuchs alloy wheels. The.

Overview. It took Porsche years to develop a worthy successor to the vaunted Carrera GT supercar, but at last, the 918 is here—and it's a plug-in hybrid! With a combined 887 hp and 944 lb-ft. The 918 had to be radically different, and Porsche's future depended on it. Kevin McCauley This 918 is a pre-production model people at Porsche affectionately call Sloan, and she's used mainly for.

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Porsche 918 on Wikipedia. Nevertheless, Porsche 918 is also linked to similar terms as i8. Moreover, 918 is linked to some of the highly positive terms that the BMW is not able to reach, such as fiber-reinforced plastic, super car, racing car, Nuburgring. Given that 918 is the fastest production car to lap the Nuburgring up to this point, this. The McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder are two of the quickest supercars on the planet. But which is the fastest around the spectacular Anglesey Circuit? evo'.. Porsche's successor to the 918 hypercar could be a blast from the past as the brand's head designer is looking at its previous vehicles for inspiration ポルシェ(ドイツ語: Porsche A.G. )は、ドイツの高級車メーカーである。 正式な社名は Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG であり、日本語に直訳すると、 「F(フェルディナント)・ポルシェ名誉工学博士株式会社」となる。 トヨタやホンダ同様、創業者の名を冠している。.

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This article contains a translation of Porsche 918 from en.wikipedia Porsche Automobil Holding SE, často skracované na Porsche SE (Nemecká výslovnosť: [ˈpɔʁʃə]), a Societas Europaea alebo Euróa verejná spoločnosť je nemecký výrobca luxusných, športových a superšportových automobilov, vlastnený Piëch-Porsche skupinou.Porsche SE sídli v Zuffenhausene, mestskej časti Stuttgartu, Bádensko-Württembersko The Porsche Boxster Speedster is a convertible sports car released in late 1996. The Boxster has a mid-mounted engine, two doors, two seats, and a folding cloth roof. Throughout its production it has been Porsche's smallest and least expensive sports car model. The Boxster's name plays on the words, 'boxer' (after its horizontally-opposed engine configuration, called the boxer engine which was.

Welcome to the official Porsche Website with detailed information about Porsche Models, Pre-owned Cars, Porsche Motorsport, the company, etc The legendary Porsche 911 first appeared in 1964 O,A and B series 1964-69 The first editions of the Porsche 911 had 2.0 litre flat 6 engines producing 130bhp. In 1966 Porsche introduced the 911S with 180bhp and Fuchs alloy wheels. The 911T was introduced in 1967 with a 110bhp engine. The 911L was introduced at the same time offering 130bhp. In 1969 the B series was introduced this time with. A marca alemã Porsche foi fundada em 1931 por Ferdinand Porsche e o seu filho Ferry Porsche. Ferdinand Porsche já era conhecido antes de fundar a Porsche, ele havia trabalhado para outras marcas. Havia também lançado em 1900 o primeiro automóvel híbrido. Em 1934 Ferdinand Porsche, depois de lhe ser solicitado a criação de um automóvel.

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The Porsche 911 is a sports car made by Porsche AG of Stuttgart, Germany. The famous, distinctive and durable car has undergone continuous development since its introduction in 1964. Mechanically it is notable for being rear engined and, until the introduction of the all-new Type 996 in 1999, air-cooled. All 911s use six-cylinder boxer engines. Since its inception the 911 has been modified. The Porsche 918 crushes the original million-dollar car with a 2.2-second sprint to 60 mph and a 9.8-second quarter-mile time. To put that in perspective, 0.3 second is about how long it takes you. Porsche Cayenne (958) Model Engine 0-62mph Cayenne Diesel 237bhp V6 7.8secs Cayenne 296bhp V6 7.5(manual) 7.8(Tiptronic S) Cayenne S Hybrid 375bhp V6/lithium ion batter Porsche 911 är en sportbil, tillverkad av den tyska biltillverkaren Porsche från 1963 och framåt.. Modellen hette från början 901 men namnet ändrades till 911 efter att Peugeot gripit in för att skydda sina modellnamn. 911:an ersatte Porsches 50-talsmodell Porsche 356.Betydligt svårare har det visat sig vara att i sin tur pensionera 911:an till förmån för nyare modeller פורשה 918 ספיידר היא מכונית-על היברידית מתוצרת חברת פורשה הגרמנית.. למכונית מנוע אטמוספירי מרכזי עם 8 צילינדרים בתצורת v בנפח 4.6 ליטרים המפיק 608 כס, ושני מנועים חשמליים המספקים 279 כס נוספים, היוצרים יחד הספק של 887 כס (661.

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The 2012 Porsche Cayman R is a mid-engined sports car that appears in the Porsche Expansion Pack for Forza Motorsport 4. The Cayman R is a track-tuned sports car based on the Cayman S. Thanks to a strong use of lightweight components and removal of equipment not associated with driving performance, the Cayman R only weighs 3025 lb (1372 kg), making it one of the lightest modern Porsche cars to. Porsche is committed to making its websites usable by all people by meeting or exceeding the requirements of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 Level AA (the Guidelines). We continually assess and work to ensure that our Web presence is in conformance with the Guidelines 3 cars for sale. Blue Porsche 918 Spyder. 1 car for sale. Silver Porsche 918 Spyder. 1 car for sale. White Porsche 918 Spyder. 1 car for sale The Porsche Carrera GT was built from 2004-2006Predecessor: Porsche 911 GT1 Successor: Porsche 918 Spyder The Carrera GT is a mid-engined sports car. Peformance 0-60mph (97km/h): 3.6seconds 0-100mph (160km/h): 7.3seconds 1/4mile: 11.1seconds @ 133.4 (214.7km/h) Braking 100mph (160km/h) to 0: 277 feet (84m) Braking 60mph (97km/h) to 0: 101feet (31m) Top Speed: 205mph (330km/h) Engine 68degree. The midengine 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder is powered by a 4.6-liter V8 that puts out 608 hp and 398 pound-feet of torque. It is paired with a 129-hp front electric motor and a 156-hp rear electric. Category:Panamera Cars. Porsche 356 Speedster. Porsche 356A Outlaw. Porsche 550 Spyder. P-911. Porsche 911 Carrera. Porsche 911 GT1-98. Porsche 911 GT2. Porsche 911 GT3 Cup