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  1. Structural Differences Canards Concorde:- Consisted of tiny fixed canards. Tu-144 :- Two small retractable canard surfaces, one on either side of the forward section on the aircraft
  2. Concorde vs. TU-144. The 1960's were a decade of fantastic innovation and achievement in the aerospace industry. In particular, 1969 stands out due to the 'triple-crown' of the first flight of the Boeing 747, the first flight of the Anglo-French Concorde, and of course the Apollo 11 Moon landing
  3. RE: TU-144 Vs Concorde #10627827. Appearances can be deceptive, the TU -144 has only superficial resemblances to Concorde. The wing, Concorde had an advanced, highly refined wing design, at the time incorporating new production methods. The TU -144 has a much simpler wing, a poor performer at low speeds, hence the later addition of canards.
  4. The Tu-144 vs The Concorde. It would be a little unfair to compare the Tu-144 to the Concorde, as they could not be more different. Below is a simple chart with their main specifications. Plane: Tu-144: Concorde: Crew: 3 (1 Commander and 2 Engineers) 3 (2 Pilots and 1 Engineer) Passengers
  5. The Tu-144 could carry around 20 more passengers, but had a range around 500 miles less than Concorde's at roughly 4,000 miles. The Tu-144 was rushed, however. No doubt about it. Concorde had its roots in mid-1950s British aircraft. The first report into a supersonic passenger aircraft was published in 1955 in the UK
  6. Concorde itself last flew in 2003, but it was doomed since its only fatal accident in 2000, which killed 113 near Paris -- not far from where the first Tu-144 crashed in 1973
  7. The Tu-144 is bigger and faster than the Concorde (M2.15 vs. M2.04). Concorde used an electronic engine control package from Lucas , which Tupolev was not permitted to purchase for the Tu-144 as it could also be used on military aircraft

The Tu-144 first flew in 1968, two months before the Concorde. Top speed was an impressive Mach 2.15, slightly faster than the Concorde, and it could carry over 40 more passengers. And it was, by. Superficially they are similar mostly due to their being limited scope for a supersonic passenger aircraft (basically a delta wing) and the drag and heating risks of supersonic flight. You see the same thing with the Space Shuttle orbiter and the.

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Compared to Concorde, the Tu-144 was much bigger. It was over 215ft (67m) in length - around 12ft (3.7m) longer than its Anglo-French rival. It was designed to cruise at just over Mach 2 (1,340. The Soviet supersonic TU-144 vs. the French/British jet and supersonic legend CONCORDE. Both displayed at Technikmuseum Sinsheim, Germany.#concorde #sinsheim.. The Tu-144 was about 12 feet longer than the Concorde, and its wingspan was wider by 10 feet. With a passenger capacity of 140, it also carried 20 more seats than its rival and could fly higher. One for the claim may be due to the fact that the Tu-144 was designed to fly higher than Concorde as its primary flight path was over land rather than water. Because of this, the L/D ratio of the Tu-144 was higher than that of Concorde (7 vs 8 in Tu-144D). Also, the Tu-144 was bigger and was meant to carry more passengers

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  1. Hitechweb special update - Concorde vs. Tu-144 [edit on 21-9-2009 by matej] Zomonoid. posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 09:45 AM link . I would say the Concorde simply because of the 27yr operational history and remarably less accidents than the TU-144
  2. Faster and higher are irrelevant figures as far as the Tu-144 vs Concorde comparison is concerned. A short supersonic dash presents a less challenging task than a prolonged supersonic cruise. Airframe heating and heat management are less of an issue for a short dash to Mach 2, as opposed to maintaining that speed for 2-3 hours
  3. It was. It also flew before the Concorde. The Concordski (as it was referred to) was in all aspects equal to, or better than, the Concorde. The engines weren't as powerful as the Concorde's R.R. Olympus engines, but the 144 had canards, which ma..
  4. The Soviet Tu-144 was clearly very similar in its design to Concorde, but even though there were (and still are) suspicions that it is based on stolen intellectual property, there were a few.

Another factor is that the Tu-144 had flaws, which Concorde did not. According to a PBS program NOVA in an episode dubbed Supersonic Spies that saw daylight in 1998, Raymond Baxter, a former Spitfire pilot, compared the shapes of the Tu-144 and the Concorde: Concorde's worked and theirs didn't; Because it didn't create the anticipated lift and stability throughout the speed range The Russian Concorde The Tu-144 first flew in 1968, two months before the Concorde. Top speed was an impressive Mach 2.15, slightly faster than the Concorde, and it could carry over 40 more.. Concorde vs. TU-144. The 1960's were a decade of fantastic innovation and achievement in the aerospace industry. In particular About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

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The Virgin TU-144 vs The Chad Concorde. Close. 61. Crossposted by 1 year ago. Archived. The Virgin TU-144 vs The Chad Concorde • Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. The TU-144 didn't even have a chance... 60 points. 3 comments. 6 comments. share. save. hide. report. 98% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes. The USSR's Tupolev Tu-144 looked remarkably similar to its Concorde competitor, when it was unveiled at the Paris Air Show in 1971, earning it the nickname of Concordski. 1 The TU-144 carried more passengers than Concorde and flew faster but it was technologically inferior. While the Concorde could maintain supersonic speed with its fuel-gobbling afterburners off, a. In a previous question about the fastest commercial airliners, it was pointed out that the supersonic Tu-144 and Concorde were the two fastest passenger aircraft flown to date. Now that both of those planes have been removed from service, there is no obvious record holder for fastest plane in commercial service. All current passenger aircraft.

While Concorde racked up 27 years of commercial service, the Tu-144 only had two years to its name. Concorde's successful run ended after its first ever fatal crash on July 25, 2000 10.2.4 The TU-144 The Tupolev TU-144 was a Soviet Union contemporary of the Concorde. It flew before the Concorde, on December 31, 1968. Fifteen were built. It was similar in configuration to the Concorde with the notable exception that it had a retractable mustache canard (as well as the drooping nose used by the Concorde) Due to the sardine can conditions out back, the Tu-144 could also squeeze in more passengers, 140 vs. a maximum 120 for the Concorde. At the pointy end though, the Tu-144 was - by some accounts - on par with the Concorde, though many of the aircraft's cockpit systems remain obscure even to this day The Tu-144 did have a two-part rudder like the Concorde's. The Tu-144's main landing gear was also much busier than that of the Concorde, featuring eight-wheel bogies in a four-across arrangement retracting forward into the engine nacelles. The prototypes had featured twelve-wheel bogies. It is unclear why so many tires were used

Concorde/TU-144 Capacity. Regarding the Concorde and TU-144, since they both only carried first class/business passengers, would it be possible to bump their capacity to make up for the seat-space calculation, because right now you can only get 51 business pax on a concorde, while the real one has about 100 seats with 38-inch pitches. I think. Tupolev TU-144 vs. Concorde. Am 3. Juni 1973 wird der Flugplatz von Le Bourget in Frankreich zum Schauplatz des Kalten Kriegs. Ost und West wollen ihre technische Leistungsfähigkeit unter Beweis stellen. Die Sowjetunion präsentiert ihr Überschallflugzeug, die Tupolev TU-144, Frankreich wartet mit der Concorde auf Agree vs. TU-144: Who was the first supersonic passenger? Our conclusion is clear. Concorde was the first supersonic passenger plane. He flew the most, being retired in 2003. It was built in a number of 20 units, which were divided between Air France and British Airways. He operated most supersonic commercial flights

Concorde had a conical champer on its delta wing, which helped with efficiency and lift, but the TU-144 didn't have this and only featured a chordwise chamber upon production. Even then, lift was an issue, and the redesigned wing became a double delta, with the canards being added to aid the aircraft's lift shortcomings too Tu-144 was the first supersonic passenger aircraft developed by Tupolev Design Bureau in the 60s in the Soviet Union. Often compared to its Western counterpart, Aerospatiale / BAC Concorde, Tu- 144 was the largest and heaviest transport aircraft in aviation history that reached Mach 2. Concorde vs Tu-144 This queen of the air was transported from Paris in 2003 via Baden-Baden to the Technik Museum Sinsheim, and has since been available to admire next to its once Russian competitor, the Tupolev TU-144. Below the Concorde, in the museum hall, an exhibition 50 Years Concorde was installed Pastebin.com is the number one paste tool since 2002. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time

The Russian's had sent one TU-144, CCP-77102, a TU-144S, to the show to perform at one of the world's biggest air display events. Its display followed that of Concorde on June 3rd that year, but around halfway through the show, the '144 climbed at full throttle before violently pitching downwards The Tu-144 did have a faster cruising speed than Concorde, so it is the Tu-144 that has to be flying slower than Concorde in order for Concorde to catch up to it. New. Member for 21 years 6 months Posts: 11,742. Send private message. By: Sens - 9th December 2005 at 16:05 Permalink - Edited 1st January 1970 at 01:00. Exellent point Sens, thank. Have you laughed today? Enjoy the meme 'Concorde vs TU-144' uploaded by ScottishTwat. Memedroid: the best site to see, rate and share funny memes

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  2. Nevertheless, the TU-144 was bigger, faster, more powerful and, many say, more advanced than the Concorde. Major differences between the two designs were the broad use of complex but lightweight titanium in the TU-144's hottest structures and the use of turbofan engines with afterburners
  3. a supersonic transport (SST), the Concorde. The two countries were not alone in the race for a supersonic airliner. The Soviet Union built the delta-wing Tupolev Tu-144, which made its maiden flight in December 1968 and which in June 1969 was the first passenger jet to fly faster than Mac
  4. Tu-144 Charger and Concorde; Tu-144 Charger Design. The official basis of the first generation SST (SST-1) building designated as Tu-144 was Resolution of Council of Ministers of the USSR.
  5. More so than its Western counterpart, the Concorde, the Tu-144 is largely forgotten outside the aviation and space-faring communities. Few even recall that there had been a vague plan to restore a Tu-144 to flying condition for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, to transport the Olympic flame
  6. Equipping the Tu-144 with thrust reverses was always a goal for the Tupolev designers. When they were asked about that possibility they answered it was planned to install them in the two outer engines (number 1 and 4) in future versions of the Tu-144. In the left picture (from aircraft CCCP-77115) it's possible to see reverse levers on the.
  7. The Soviet plane was designed to carry 140 passengers, whereas the Concorde was fitted for 92 to 120 passengers. The Tu-144's crew of three could rely on one feature lacking in the Concorde.

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tu 144 ün en büyük özelliği ilk süpersonik ticari uçak olmasıdır. ilk test uçuşunu 31 aralık 1968 de ( ki concorde un ilk test uçuşundan 2 ay önce ) yapmıştır. görünüm olarak concorde ile çok benzeşir. en göze çarpan fark uçağın önündeki iki küçük ek kanatdır. tasarımıcısı andrei n. tupelov dur. ilk yolculu ticari uçuşunu 1 kasım 1977 de moskova-almaata. Concorde vs The Tupolev Tu-144 - Which Plane Is Better Modelsvit - Tupolev Tu-144 Supersonic airliner, Festést és ragasztást igénylő repülő makett., Megamakett.h Tupolev Tu-144. During the 1960s Tupolev undertook the design and construction of a delta-wing supersonic transport, the Tu-144, similar in overall design to the British and. Works on progress inside the Tu-144 at Auto & Technik Museum in Sinsheim - 15/02/2006: According to a report from Auto & Technik Museum, the Tu-144 on display at Sinsheim is under a series of inside modifications that will compare her to the Concorde's state. A new carpet has been installed on the floor The Tupolev Tu-144 is a Soviet supersonic passenger airliner designed by Tupolev in operation from 1968 to 1999.The Tu-144 was the world's first commercial supersonic transport aircraft with its prototype's maiden flight from Zhukovsky Airport on 31 December 1968, three months before the British-French Concorde. The Tu-144 was a product of the Tupolev Design Bureau, an OKB headed by.

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Tupolev Tu-144, rival to Concorde. Saved by C. Concorde Military Gear Military Aircraft Tupolev Tu 144 Aviation Technology Aviation World Commercial Aircraft Boeing 747 Jet Plane The Tu-144 prototype is a full-scale demonstrator aircraft with very different production aircraft developed in parallel. While both the Concorde and Tu-144 prototypes have an ogival delta wing, the Tu-144 wing lacks a Concorde cone camber. Production of Tu-144 replaced this wing with double delta wings including spanwise and chordwise camber

The Tupolev Tu-144 (Russian: Tyполев Ту-144; NATO reporting name: Charger) is a retired jet airliner and commercial supersonic transport aircraft (SST). It was the world's first commercial SST (maiden flight - December 31, 1968), the second being the Anglo-French Concorde (maiden flight - March 2, 1969). The design was a product of the Tupolev design bureau, headed by Alexei Tupolev, of. Aunque el primer vuelo fue el 31 de diciembre de 1968, las primeras pruebas de vuelo del supersónico Tu-144 superando la barrera del sonido fueron en junio y julio de 1969. El Concorde, si bien. Concorde Tupolev Tu 144 Speed Of Sound British Airways Air France Science And Technology Fighter Jets Aviation Aircraft Tu-144 - the Soviet supersonic The Tupolev Tu-144 is a Soviet supersonic airliner developed by the Tupolev Design Bureau in the 1960s

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In fact, the Russian-built Tupolev Tu-144 completed its first supersonic flight four months before Concorde did. The Tu-144 flew at an average altitude of 52,000 feet with an average cruising speed of Mach 1.6, or 1,200 mph. If you've never heard of this fast-as-lightning plane before, it's because the Tu-144 had a difficult career Concorde vs tupolev TU-144 os dois foram os unicos avioes supersonicos de passageiros que operaram na historia da avia;ao comercial. O Tupolev[russo] fez seu primeiro voo 2 meses antes do concorde .O Tu-144 cruzou por primeira vez a barreira do som a 5 de junho de 1969 e em 15 de julho de 1969 converteu-se no primeiro transporte comercial que. From a distance, the full-scale Boom jet will look rather like a smaller Concorde (52 metres vs. 62 metres). The Tu-144 was the first civilian supersonic aircraft, just beating out the. Concorde vs. TU-144. Dar să trecem foarte repede prin istorie. Cele 2 avioane supersonice au apărut în perioada Războiului Rece, care a avut loc în intervalul 1947-1991. A fost o perioadă de tensiuni și confruntări politice și ideologice. Acest război a fost între URSS cu aliații săi (blocul răsăritean) și SUA cu aliații. Speed TU-144 vs Concorde. by MediaMV72 » Nov 10, 2018. 9 Replies 426 Views Last post by MirageIIIEA Apr 29, 2019 2018-11-10T16:28. Aviation Mementos Stolen From Dead Concorde Pilot's Home. by Aspen » Apr 27, 2019. 0 Replies 98 Views Last post by Aspen Apr 27, 2019 2019-04-27T02:44. Dunsfold Days Numbered? VC10 Evicted

The Concorde is the stuff of aviation legend, yes — but also of rock and roll and show business legend. The story of how Phil Collins played a mega-concert on two continents on the same day is a classic example of how stars used the supersonic jet Concorde, as you may or may not know, was not the only supersonic passenger aircraft. There was also its Soviet cousin, the Tupolev Tu-144, which also suffered a single fatal accident over the brief course of its commercial tenure. In 1973 a Tu-144 crashed during a demonstration at the Paris Air Show The Tu-144 was not really successful as a commercial aircraft - they made 16 of them (14 production version) and only had 102 commercial flights, only 55 with passengers - each aircraft had very few flights, almost half of its commercial flights were for cargo. The last passenger carried was in 1978 vs 2003 for the Concorde - 25 year difference

Despite the Concorde, Tu-144 flying at high altitudes, sonic booms over land would cause devastating effects. In 1964, the US Government decided to do tests with their supersonic XB-70 (which was one of the fastest aircraft ever built!). They flew the XB-70 over Oklahoma City to test how people would react to the sonic booms Although it's Concorde that earned a place in history, the lesser known Tu-144 beat it to the skies twice: it had its maiden flight on Dec. 31, 1968 -- two months before Concorde -- and then achieved its first supersonic flight in June 1969, beating the competition by four months Even before Concorde was announced, American aircraft companies were seriously looking at the feasibility of a supersonic passenger plane, or a Supersonic Transport (SST). the Tu-144. To be. So the TU-144 wasn't intended for the same purposes as the Concorde. It was simply another chapter in the book entitled An Arms Race. Only unlike all the previous marvels that were designed by the Soviet Union (i.e. sputnik, hydrogen bomb, etc.), the TU-144 was the airplane made by Concorde's stolen design plans

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The Tu-144 needed to use afterburners during the entire supersonic phase of flight, whereas Concorde just needed them to accelerate. Concorde was a notorious fuel guzzler but only during subsonic flight and ground operation; she was actually quite efficient at Mach 2 When the Tupolev Tu-144, which had previously been developed in secrecy, was presented as a model at the Le Bourget Aerosalon in 1965 , it was given the nickname Konkordski due to its outward resemblance to the Concorde, which has been instantly recognizable since 1962 . According to the author Simons, however, it is a myth that the Tu-144 was a copy of the Concorde Concorde not only flew but went supersonic, two months after the Soviets' Tu-144 in late 1968. The groundwork had been laid by Eisenhower and JFK, who both publicly encouraged supersonic.

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Supersonic airliners such as Concorde and the TU-144 were forced to cruise at high altitudes of 55,000-70,000ft in the air; which means manifested and deleterious interactions between stratospheric ozone and the gases released from the engines. Depending on the fuel mixture, fuel burn, and method of combustion, nitrogen-oxides are released in. As part of the 50 years of Concorde and Tupolev Tu-144 promotional day , the former captain Jean-Louis Chatelain visited Sinsheim and presented an English-language lecture on the history of the Concorde, his time at the Air France and in particular his last flight of the Concorde, which was also his last flight before retirement Concorde vs. Tupolev TU-144 In reply to SeeRoy • Jan 7, 2012 Back when the West was developing the Concorde, the Russians developed the TU-144 and the CIA and all others thought the worst that there had to be a mole, a leak, something... no way could Russia develop a plane so similar etc While Concorde is our most shining example of supersonic, the category is surprisingly varied in design and purpose. Among the 200 aircraft capable of supersonic flight, the majority were designed for military and research purposes. The only two supersonic aircraft ever used in commercial air travel were Concorde and the Tupolev Tu-144

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The Tu-144 uses much smaller wheels than comparably-sized subsonic aircraft. This makes it possible to rotate the gear bogie sideways towards the middle of the aircraft, so it can be stowed vertically inside the wheel well. Your picture already hints at that: Note that the gear strut is offset inside the wheel well, so it would leave more space on one side for the gear bogie Concorde wasn't the only supersonic passenger jet to ever fly. The Soviet-built Tupolev Tu-144 — which looked remarkably similar but lacked the elegance and grace of Concorde, according to Azerrad — had a brief commercial stint in the late 1970s

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As a result, the Tu-144 flew only 55 flights as a passenger aircraft, although it did fly a slightly small number of flights as a freighter. The Tu-144 was an inferior SST, having a much shorter range than the Concorde as well as having a significantly higher landing approach speed and component reliability issues The Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde supersonic transport (SST) was the more successful of the only two supersonic passenger airliners to have ever operated commercially, the Tupolev Tu-144 being the other.. As a result of the type's only crash on 25 July 2000, world economic effects arising from the 9/11 attacks, and other factors, operations ceased on 24 October 2003 Tu-144 vs Concorde wrong speed. Started by Mozhawk. 9 Replies 119 Views July 09, 2021, 01:27:09 PM by gazzz0x2z: Bae 146-100 seat bug. Started by Vostok. 3 Replies 92 Views June 15, 2021, 12:52:09 PM by Sami: Scheduling Page Search Bonked. Started by schro. 6 Replies 171 Views. The communist version of the Concorde was the Tupolev Tu-144, and it was the first passenger aircraft to fly at more than twice the speed of sound. The Tupolev's first flight occurred three months before the Concorde took to the air on March 2, 1969. But the Tu-144, which was dubbed 'Concordski' by Western observers for its similarities.

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Tupolev Tu-144: Russia's Version of the Concorde Was a Supersonic Disaster 19fortyfive.com - Peter Suciu • 6d Early in the afternoon of July 25, 2000, Air France Flight 4590 crashed upon takeoff at the Charles de Gaulle Airport outside Paris The TU-144 could hold 40 more people than the Concorde and was slightly faster but it used more fuel and had less range, only 17 TU-144's including 1. The Soviet plane was designed to carry 140 passengers, whereas the Concorde was fitted for 92 to 120 passengers Tupolev Tu-144 je vyřazený proudový dopravní nadzvukový letoun. Jedná se o první z jediných dvou SST, které vstoupily do služby; druhým je anglo-francouzský Concorde. Návrh byl dílem sovětské konstrukční kanceláře Tupolev vedené Alexejem Tupolevem a výroba probíhala ve voroněžské letecké továrně v Rusku. Celkem provedl 55 služebních letů s cestujícími na.

The book provides in-depth coverage of the Concordski, including projected versions, the Tu-144's production and service history, and a comparison with the Concorde. First flown on the last day of 1968—ahead of the Concorde—the Tu-144 had to undergo a long gestation period before the production version entered service in November 1977 Concorde presented two prototypes in June 1969 Air Show in France along with the Russian Tupolev TU-144 while Boeing was still working on prototypes. Unfortunately during the same show in 1973 the TU 144 crashed while making a show flight which was a turning point for SSTs Air France Concorde F-BVFB (1:500) By Herpa 1:500 Scale Diecast Airliners Item Number: HE532839-001 About Air France Concorde F-BVFB (1:500) This early Air France livery from the 1970s did not yet have European stars emblazoned on the tail unit, and the logo with the sea horse, often called la crevette (shrimp) by employees with a smile, was shown much larger on the bow of the supersonic jet It is unclear why Tu-144D's maximum achievable altitude would be lower than Concorde's even regular flight altitude, given that Tupolev's data claim better lift-to-drag ratio for the Tu-144 (over 8.0 for Tu-144D vs Concorde's 7.3¨C7.7 at Mach 2.x) and the thrust of the Tu-144D's RD-36-51 engines is higher than Concorde's Olympus 593 engines Feb 28, 2014 - TU-144, Charger, built in 60's Soviet Union. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select

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Witness to History: The First Flight of The US Marine Corps' Bet on the Capital Airlines and the Vickers Viscount AvGeek School of Knowledge: The Boeing 777-20 1 The Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde supersonic transport (SST) was the more successful of the only two supersonic passenger airliners to have ever operated commercially, the Tupolev Tu-144 being the other.. As a result of the type's only crash on 25 July 2000, world economic effects arising from the 9/11 attacks, and other factors, operations ceased on 24 October 2003 The Tu-144 is bigger and faster than the Concorde (M2.15 vs. M2.04). Concorde's designers used fuel as coolant for the cabin air conditioning and for the hydraulic system (see Concorde for details) Tupolev Tu-144. During the 1960s Tupolev undertook the design and construction of a delta-wing supersonic transport, the Tu-144, similar in overall design to the British and French Concorde. In June of 1969 the Tu-144 became the first passenger jet to fly faster than the speed of sound

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Concorde and Tu-144 on Paris Air Show - YouTubeTupolev Tu-144 "Concordski" Discovered Hidden in TatarstanRe: Microjets Concorde und Tu-144 :: LEGO bei 1000steineConcorde vs Tu-144 "Concordski" - Page 12 - Wings900